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                                               is located at 2640 East Coast Highway Ste 2, Newport Beach, CA 92625. It is a multicultural beauty salon that offers services that range from Hair Care services to Personal Image Styling. We are a premier Beauty and Wellness Lounge in Corona Del Mar. Since 2021, we’ve offered a wide range of services and products to give you the elegant and fabulous look that you deserve.


We offer premium services, using the best professional products in the beauty industry. Our team travels Internationally to beauty Expos to attain education on the newest formulas and technology. We are also not afraid to tell our customers NO! At Virtuous Vanity, we care about the integrity of our client's health and beauty. If a service is not a good fit or medically safe we will offer another suggestion

Jazmyne La'Niece

Jazmyne La'niece, the owner of Virtuous Vanity is a brave, strong, and independent woman. As a businesswoman, a fashion queen, and a leader, she believes in empowering every individual. She stand-by her beliefs that beauty is beauty. No matter what your gender, sex, or race is.

Regardless of the ups and downs that Jazmyne went through, she trusted herself and made clear to herself that she could do anything she wanted to do. She is passionate about what she does and grateful for what she has. A girl boss indeed! She managed to open her own wellness beauty lounge last November 21, 2021,  2640 East Coast Highway Ste 2, Newport Beach, CA 92625

Her mission is to give everyone the royal beauty treatment that they deserve.

"The goal and vision to see it complete is the true motivation to keep pressing even when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel! Gotta keep your head down and focused and before you know it you will have a masterpiece!"

Erica Nelson

IV Hydration

A gutsy nurse with a pension for pushing past obstacles, IV Hydration offers solace for health and wellness seekers. Erica’s approach and work are different. She adds heart and soul to every interaction. Yes, she knows the right IV drip for you - from recovery to beauty and all in-between - but she also knows you need a moment of reprieve sprinkled with an appreciation for simply being you.


With Erica, you’re seen and valued. 

With over 18 years of experience in the skincare, beauty, and med-spa business, and with over 1,500 happy clients served, Elsie has built a strong reputation in wellness, beauty, skincare. She helps her clients gain their confidence and deliver the best of the bests results! As a non-surgical med-spa and Libbe-certified (I-ACT) therapist/consultant, she is all about meeting the highest standard of sanitation, safety, and quality service.  

 She looks forward to helping you look and feel amazing! 


Scalp Micropigmentation- Scalp Rejuvenation Scar Camouflage -PRP Hair and Skin Therapy